Overview of The Council

Founded in September 1947 and incorporated as a Society under the Societies Act in June 1998, the Health Officers Council of British Columbia (HOC) represents public health physicians in the province and others who are practicing or closely allied with Public Health, physicians in training, and other individuals managing or working in Public Health. Currently over 90 physician members, about 1/3 of whom are retired, 1/3 working as Medical Health Officers and the remainder working in other public health capacities.

Purpose (2012):                                                                                                                        

(2.1) To advise, assist in development of, and advocate for public policies, programs and services that are directed towards improving and protecting the health of the population, and reducing health inequities, This includes identifying measures for improvements in the planning, development, administration, and evaluation of population and public health services such as health assessment and surveillance, disease and injury prevention, health promotion, health protection, community health and all other prevention focused health services.

(2.2) To provide a forum for the education of members in new scientific and other developments with respect to the activities in section 2.1.

(2.3) To provide a forum for the Provincial Health Officer, government ministries, health related governing bodies and any other individual or organization to discuss plans and reports and obtain feedback.

(2.4) To support public health worker education and public and population health research.

(2.5) To charge and collect fees, to receive donations, and to expend moneys to defray expenses and to promote and further any of the purposes of the Society.

(2.6) To perform such other lawful things as are incidental or conducive to the above purposes.

Current Priority areas include:
• Population Health/Health Inequities/Child Poverty
• Chronic Disease Prevention
• Obesity Reduction
• Aboriginal Health

Other areas of current activity include:
• Psychoactive drug use
• Gambling reduction
• Healthy Built Environments

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